Who are
Action with Communities in Rural Kent?

We’re a registered charity that’s been working with – and led by – people in rural communities for more than 90 years.

Our current expertise includes the management of community-owned buildings such as village halls, development of social enterprises, enabling the provision of local needs housing, helping people find work and business support for village shops, working with communities to address isolation and loneliness.

Typically we work on more than 400 community projects a year; this is possible thanks to a range of public, private and civil society bodies that invest in what we do.

What we do here at Rural Kent:

  • Provide direct advice and support to community organisations
  • Stimulate community action, particularly voluntary action, and encourage good practice
  • Develop and manage demonstration projects
  • Provide professional support and advice to key service providers
  • Raise awareness of rural issues and influence decision makers

We believe that nobody should be at a disadvantage simply because they live or work in a rural location. Our services – providing information, guidance, networking opportunities, project planning help and much more – are designed to help people in rural communities identify and address local need.

There is an organisation like us in every county in England – collectively we are known as the ACRE Network, and belong to a national charity called Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE).

Funders and Sponsors

Quality Assurance

Action with Communities in Rural Kent is accredited at Level 3 of the ACRE Standards, which are endorsed by the Charity Commission. Level 3 of the ACRE Good Practice Quality Standard  contains requirements that define good practice for Rural Community Councils (RCCs). The Standard covers 9 areas of good practice in the organisation of an RCC, called Organisational Standards


  • Email: info@ruralkent.org.uk
  • Phone: 01303 813790
  • Address: The Old Granary, Penstock Hall Farm, Canterbury Road,
    East Brabourne, Kent TN25 5LL