Local Needs Affordable Housing

Our Rural Housing Enabling service works in partnership with communities, housing associations and local authorities to develop affordable housing in villages across the county. 

The viability of many of Kent’s rural communities relies on maintaining a balanced community that supports everyone living in it – children, young people, families and older residents alike. High property prices and the loss of social housing through Right to Buy legislation has meant that many people with connections to Kent’s villages are living in unsuitable and expensive accommodation or have been forced to leave in search of a suitable and affordable home elsewhere.

Developing affordable housing is one of the crucial issues that influences the economic and social strength of rural communities, and is a major contributor to long-term community sustainability.

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Local Needs Housing

Housing Needs Surveys

To establish whether a need for affordable housing exists in a village and what size, type and tenure people need, we undertake housing needs surveys.  This can be the first step towards making a local needs scheme happen and engaging the community.  We analyse the results of the survey and make an assessment of need in accordance with local authority eligibility and allocation policies and Help to Buy criteria. 

The Rural Housing Enablers’ Network has produced the following document which provides a standard to which all housing needs surveys should adhere Housing Needs Survey Principles and Guidance 

Kent Rural Housing Protocol

A Guide to Developing Affordable Homes in Rural Areas is the updated Rural Housing Protocol and is a series of factsheets that sets out the pathway to enable affordable rural housing development; it offers guidance about the finance, who can and should be involved and expels the myths around who is allocated affordable rural homes.  The focus of the guide is to provide clear concise information for those who believe there is a need for affordable rural housing development within their local community.

The guide has been developed by the Housing Strategy and Enabling sub group to and on behalf of the Kent Housing Group.  The Kent Housing Group (KHG) recognise the need to ensure that there is sustainable development of affordable rural housing; within the County of Kent, 85% of the land is classed as rural and over 40% of the businesses in Kent are based in rural areas.

Another useful guide produced by the Rural Housing Alliance is Affordable Rural Housing; A practical guide for parish councils


The Rural Housing Enabler helps communities identify suitable sites for the development of local needs housing.  The type of sites generally used are exception sites; land that would not normally be permitted for open market development but an exception to normal planning policy can be made if there is a proven need for affordable housing from local people.  These sites tend to be found on the edge of the village where the homes would feel like a natural extension of the community. The land values are much lower than for commercial sites but above agricultural rates. We are always keen to hear from landowners who might want to sell land for the benefit of their community. 

How to apply for a local needs home?

Local needs housing is only available to people who have a local connection to the village in which the homes are built.  The local connection criteria varies in different local authority areas but includes length of time living in the parish, having previously lived in the parish, having immediate family members living in the parish and employment in the parish.  To apply for a home it is necessary to join your local authority’s housing register; you can do this at Kent Home Choice or by contacting your Local Authority directly.  You should clearly state that you wish to be able to apply for a local needs home.

There are various housing associations that develop local needs housing in Kent; English Rural Housing Association have many such schemes and you can look for properties on their website and join their mailing list, but you will still need to apply to your local authority’s housing register.  You should clearly state that you wish to be able to apply for a local needs home.  

For general housing advice and help contact Shelter or your local council’s housing department.  

For futher information including how you can identify whether there is a need for affordable housing in your community

contact Tessa O’Sullivan our Rural Housing Enabler on 01303 813790 or email tessa.osullivan@ruralkent.org.uk or use our enquiry form

See our Community Led Housing page for other ways that communities can develop the type of housing they need


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