Rural Kent Stories

If you are reading this you may already be involved in something great happening in your community, as people come together – social distancing allowing! – to help all of us deal with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

On this page you will find quotes and stories from communities across rural Kent – and, where possible, links to further information on these tales – on a wide range of things people are doing. Perhaps you are involved in something similar, and maybe there are ideas you’d like to try in your community. If so, do feel free to click the links and find out more.

We have divided the stories into three groupings – “Coming Together to Support Our Community”, “Help from Village Halls” and “Promoting Information to the Community.” If you would like to see you stories here, then please just drop us a line! (all content of stories where posted on 29th March 2020, unless otherwise stated)

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Bazaar Disruption

Having spent a couple of months on Zanzibar in 2005, the word ‘bazaar’ conjures up vibrant images of The Spice Island, buzzing with market traders intent on making a sale, luring you in with hypnotic charm and sweet aromas on the trade wind.   So when Kati Ramsden got in touch with Rural Kent in […]

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Rebel Cause

Rolling into the tiny village of Brook, (pop. 310) it’s easy to find the Rebel Farmer when you’re looking for a 21ft tipi on a farm, next to a primary school. Running round the Kent countryside, I hadn’t realised just how uplifting the sound of school children playing had been till it was taken away […]

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Elham’s residents’ association and the Parish Council have come together to support isolated people in the village.  They have co-ordinated a group of well-being volunteers, who are collecting prescriptions, food shopping, delivering take-aways, dog walking and buddy calls.   The pub is serving take-away meals and drinks; every household received a hand delivered leaflet with details […]

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“Horsmonden Parish Council, The Pharmacy, Heath Stores and the village volunteer group (working under a nominated coordinator) are working together to ensure everyone in the village is looked after and cared for during the pandemic. Heath Stores has produced a FAQ (and distributed via Facebook) to help guide people in the village on buying, collecting […]

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High Halden

“High Halden has really come up trumps in facing the virus crisis. Two weekends ago a village resident proposed setting up a network of volunteers and this was met with a very positive response. A week later it was agreed our efforts should be better coordinated so a Zoom coordinating group was established chaired by […]

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“We are lucky that this is a relatively small Parish with a good community spirit. We already have in place a list of people (publicised on our Parish group email, in our local Parish Facebook page and in the Parish mag which goes to every house and we are trying also to cover any vulnerable […]

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“Detling Community Store introduced a free delivery service for people living in the village – and we even helped an elderly stranded with a broken down vehicle on the A249, who loved our sausage rolls! – in mid-March.”

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“We have all been fairly busy in our lovely little community. One of the positive aspects to come out of this pandemic has been true community bonding. We have set up a food bank, packs of essentials are being delivered to those in self isolation or those unable to get key ingredients in order to […]

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“We have set up a network of volunteers in the village to support those who are self-isolating.”

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Coming together to support our community

Help from Village Halls

Biddenden Village Hall

“The hall is being kept open for emergency requirements and checked daily by our caretaker.”

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Capel-Le-Ferne Village Hall

“Our Farmers Market stalls that meet on a Tuesday and that sell food have remained open and it has been controlled to only allow a few people in at a time. We are helped by the local community warden and people are very good at standing a min of 2 metres apart.”

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Kingsdown Village Hall

“We have had to close our hall, but everyone is keeping well as far as I know! The village hall trustees are working closely with our Parish Council – the Parish Council Clerk has delivered (in person!), to the village hall forecourt, two sacks of potatoes for the villagers (FREE). We, vas village hall trustees, […]

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Hawley Pavilion

“We remain open for the pre-school only, this is for the children of NHS and key workers.”

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Herne & Broomfield Village Hall

“The parish office is in the Centre (hall) and we have before and after school childcare for key workers children, but nothing else. There are going to be many isolated people but the only way to deal with this is to keep people apart.”

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Hodsoll Street & Ridley Village Hall

“We have allowed the meeting room to be used as a temporary office by a resident whose phone line has been damaged.”

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Matfield Village Hall

“Our Management Committee Officers decided to close the Hall to all, with the exception of The Outreach Post Office which runs there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The Postmaster is considered to be a “Key Worker” and provides a vital service for many Villagers. All areas accessed by the public in order to use […]

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Wouldham Village Hall

“Some residents are using the hall as a food bank they have set up for key workers, elderly and children under 10.”

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Wye Village Hall

“We are continuing on a reduced timetable to provide childcare to essential workers.”

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Promoting information to the community


“The Parish Council has been promoting guidance and information on subjects as varied as fundraising opportunities for local groups (with an eye on future action), through initiatives run by Kent Libraries to encourage reading online, to news on closure of car parks used usually by visitors to places such as country parks and local woods. […]

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“The Parish Council and Church have put out a joint leaflet to all households detailing how to get help.”

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“Lyminge Parish Council with Lyminge and Etchinghill Residents’ Association have produced an Emergency Information Sheet and have arranged for these to be delivered by hand to everyone in the Parish. What a great idea!”

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“The village has runs “Woodchurch Hub” which promotes local business, clubs and societies to help the village and its environs thrive. The Hub has taken to producing a weekly “Village Pandemic Update” which is published electronically, promoted via Facebook and Twitter feeds – and encourages the contents to be made aware to anyone who is […]

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