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“We have all been fairly busy in our lovely little community. One of the positive aspects to come out of this pandemic has been true community bonding. We have set up a food bank, packs of essentials are being delivered to those in self isolation or those unable to get key ingredients in order to produce a meal. We have a weekly Facebook live DJ session, we can make requests etc.

We have a number of quizzes set up, with interaction from other participants. We have been given keep fit videos from our circuit training exercise class so we can keep fit from home with our instructor. People are putting up Happy Birthday signs in windows, requested from Mums who plan to do their daily walk with their child, so they can take them on a birthday greetings hunt.

Rainbows have also been put up in windows and chalked on floors for children to do a rainbow hunt. People are posting via Facebook to let others know when they are going shopping or to collect prescriptions. We’ve also just set up a Facebook group called ‘Holding Hands with Wouldham’ which is aimed at helping deal with anxiety and other issues.

So many people have posted their contact details in to neighbours to offer their contact details in to neighbours to offer their assistance and Mike and I posted a number of letters out to the elderly and vulnerable too ,offering our help with sourcing products or general help, a meal or for just a chat. We have prepared about 80 home cooked frozen dinners and have dropped a few of these around to people.

So overall, Yes, we are all keeping busy and I think this whole experience has really brought out the kindness in all of us and I believe this community spirit is here to stay even after we have overcome this.”


  • Email: info@ruralkent.org.uk
  • Phone: 01303 813790
  • Address: The Old Granary, Penstock Hall Farm, Canterbury Road,
    East Brabourne, Kent TN25 5LL