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Welcome to The Rural Kent Coffee and Information Project

Admire your organised and highly presentable service to others that clearly puts into place the need to try and defeat loneliness and rejection felt by so many in this brave new world.  Thankfully there is someone with your strength of commitment and purpose, armed only with a cake and cuppa can put a purpose into the special time spent in your care. My very Best Wishes to you and your colleagues, I will be privileged to talk to others about your wonderful and selfless example

Peter – Kingswood Model Railway Group

I would like to formally thank you for visiting our village and providing such a beneficial facility for our residents.  Many residents have said how nice it was to be able to sit and chat with fellow residents and also find out valuable information from yourselves and your wide selection of leaflets.  I know you are reliant on funding for next year but we are keeping our fingers crossed that you will succeed and be able to visit again

Clerk of Broomfield and Kingswood

The village of High Halden has found the visits of the Pop Up Cafe an outstanding success. When it was first mooted it seemed another nice idea but not necessarily something that would work in our village. It was a very radical idea and could mean more work for the Parish Council.  But we thought we’d give it a go and hoped it would be successful. From the first visit, once a suitable venue had been found, we were not disappointed. Through word of mouth mainly,  a few members of the community turned up but for subsequent visits the numbers increased, as did the type of attenders. People who had not been seen out and about in recent years turned up enjoying the social contact as well as the opportunity to meet parish councillors, the Community Warden as well as the organisers of the Cafe. A lot of information was exchanged and relationships developed. People commented particularly about the relaxed friendly organisers and volunteers to whom we pay special tribute.  After the first trial visits we became very aware at how much the village was going to miss the Pop Up Cafe if it stopped coming. We were therefore delighted when it was agreed that the cafe would return for more visits. Some adjustments had to be made for winter visits but all obstacles were overcome through discussions and the appreciation of what we might be losing. The village Memorial Hall Committee agreed the hall could be used free of charge if the weather was inclement . We now see more people attending , people of all ages, and a real sense of enjoyment. The Parish Council has been very keen to support this project and hope for a long term relationship with the organisers. We are very grateful to Kathy and her team for providing this real benefit to our village.  I’m afraid I will miss your visits in February and March due to my winter break but I know others will be around. Genuinely  we would miss your visits in the future so I hope we might be able to negotiate an ongoing programme!

With best wishes, John

At my first meeting with Kathy regarding the Rural Coffee Project I must admit I was a little unsure how the people of Harvel would react to the offer of a free coffee and get together. Mainly because a lot of the people that I knew actually worked full time and weren’t about during the day so wasn’t sure if anyone would actually turn up.  We agreed to hold the coffee mornings on a Friday as the local farm shop is open and thought it might encourage some passing trade. At our first coffee morning in May I was very impressed with the set up a lovely camper van with all mod cons comfy chairs, gazebo, everything beautifully and I must say very efficiently set up. It was all very welcoming. I was amazed at the number of people that arrived and enjoyed the delicious cake and coffee and hospitality offered by Kathy, Jane and Rodney.  Over the last 7 months we have had  a wide range of people young and old, ranging from babies to about 90 years old. We now hold the coffee morning on a Thursday as it was a better day, (it didn’t clash with the community bus) it was better as some of the elderly residents  were able to be picked up by another kind member of the village. We have a group of regulars that really enjoy getting together and make it all worth it as they really enjoy it and are not able to get out much due to mobility or sight problems and Harvel is very rural and you can go for weeks without seeing anyone. I have met a whole new wonderful group of people from Harvel that I would never have without the Rural coffee project coming to the village.  At the last coffee morning we had about 24 people and 2 dogs all ages it was fantastic and made all the hard work worth it. The community spirit was fantastic and has encouraged me to continue when Kathy and her team are unable to. We had one month when they were stuck in traffic and I set up myself and everyone helped out it was wonderful to see such a lovely community spirit from a whole new group of people from the village I had never met before. The Community Wardens regularly attend and have given advice to the residents about various topics as well as local council members. Thank you to Kathy, Jane and Rodney for all your hard work may you long continue with all your enthusiasm and dedication it makes a big difference to lots of people.

Thank you from Harvel

A great idea and a most pleasant event at Bossingham this afternoon. Thankyou for making the tea,coffee and lovely cakes and for your pleasant and friendly service. I know others I spoke to also thought how good it was and a chance in such warm weather to relax and chat with such a nice group. Many thanks indeed

Kindest regards John Pitcher

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